About BridgeCity Church | Mill Creek

How it began.

BridgeCity Church began with the vision of the elders of The Bridge Church of Snohomish to be a church planting church.  God then orchestrated for Daniel Espy, lead pastor of The Bridge Church, to connect with Nate McGlinchy over a cup of coffee in what began as a brief meeting at Starbucks.  Three hours later, both walked away with an undeniable sense that God was doing something.  At the time, Nate, along with his wife Becky and two girls, were living in Marlton, NJ serving as associate pastor of Church Without Borders.  Over the next few months God began to reveal His call for church planting on Nate’s life and His leading to church plant with The Bridge Church.  Pastor Nate and his family moved across the country in August of 2013 to begin preparing to plant a new church sometime in the fall of 2014.  All the while praying that God would begin to gather a team around them to plant BridgeCity Church.

Why plant a new church?

Some may ask why plant a new church in the Silver Firs area?  In doing research we found that the church to population ratio is extremely low.  There are approximately 3,000 people per 1 church in this area.  Thom S. Rainer’s team of researchers at LifeWay found that historically the church has been most effective within culture, in the urban and suburban context, when the ratio was under 1,000 people per 1 church.

To effectively penetrate an area with the gospel you need one church for every 1,000 people in the urban areas and one church for every 500 people in the rural areas. - Aaron Coe, LifeWay Ministries

According to the research, it would seem, we could use a few more churches serving the community and proclaiming the gospel in Snohomish County.  Are you interested in planting a church in the area, contact Seattle Church Planting for more information.

What makes BridgeCity Church different?

At BridgeCity, we are not doing anything different, new, or revolutionary.  We are simply trying to do what Christ commanded his church to do some 2,000 years ago; seek His glory, proclaim the gospel according to the truth of his Word, and disciple those who follow Jesus.  It’s a simple, proven process that was given to the early church and has been effective through the generations.  Read more about BridgeCity’s Mission, Values, and Ministry Context.

What to expect at a BridgeCity service?

Sunday service at BridgeCity begins at 10am.  There is plenty of parking at Willis Tucker Park, so parking is not an issue.  Willis Tucker Park, located at 6705 Puget Park Drive, is handicap accessible. We meet in the Activity Center (the large red building). Come a few min early to grab something hot to sip and something baked to munch on. If you have kids, check them in and then together make your way into the commons area.  Don’t worry if you’re running a little behind, there will be a designated time during the service where you can check kids in, say “hello" to those around you, and refill your coffee.  The service will begin around 10am with a time of corporate musical worship.  This may be full band or some eclectic americana-ish musical style.  We choose songs that are doctrinally sound, whether they are modern or ancient, we enjoy all types of songs as long as they point us to God; His character and nature, and what he has done.  You probably won’t hear patriotic tunes or popular secular songs during the time designated to focus our attention upon God. After a time of corporate musical worship, which we do as a family, there is a 2-3 min break for the kids to head to class.  If they have not been checked in, that is the time to do so.  We also encourage you to take a moment to meet someone or refill on refreshments during this short break.

After 2-3 minutes, we gather it back up with a few short announcements and get into the preaching of the Word.  Sermons at BridgeCity average between 35-45min and typically go straight through books of the bible (called expository preaching).  If you have a bible, bring it along.  If not, we have one you are welcome to use and if you don’t own a bible, its yours to keep.  A time of reflection and response directly follows the message in which we will corporately worship with song, offer communion, and prayer.

Typically our services run approximately 80 min.  There is no dress code. Jeans, tattoos, piercings, polos, t-shirts; it doesn't really matter as long as you’re interested in hearing about Jesus, we’re not concerned with what you look like.  We just ask that you love and respect others because that is what Jesus asks of us. [John 13:34-35]