Book review on Counter Culture Counter Culture is a good read in this day and age. How are we to respond to culturally complex issues as followers of Christ? How do we live compassionate lives without compromising the truth of Scripture? Loving others does not mean disobeying God or reinterpreting what God has said. David Platt addresses a few of these topics to help us maintain a biblical worldview while still engaging with compassion. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it as you learn to navigate following Christ in today’s struggles.

In Counter Culture, New York Times bestselling author David Platt shows Christians how to actively take a stand on such issues as poverty, sex trafficking, marriage, abortion, racism, and religious liberty—and challenges us to become passionate, unwavering voices for Christ. Drawing on compelling personal accounts from around the world, Platt presents an unapologetic yet winsome call for Christians to faithfully follow Christ into the cultural battlefield in ways that will prove both costly and rewarding. The lines have been drawn. The moment has come for Christians to rise up and deliver a gospel message that’s more radical than even the most controversial issues of our day.
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