ACTS | Pride: Gospel Opposition

Acts 5:17-42 | Pride: Gospel Opposition | January 11, 2015

This week we continue with the series in Acts 5 by looking at the root of gospel opposition; pride.  We often find ourselves associating with the heroes of the Bible and not so much with the opposition.  But let’s be honest, all to often we are more like those resisting God than we are like those obeying God.  In our text today we see the spiritually elite and intellectually smug leaders move from resisting the gospel message to completely rebelling against it.  All the while they believe that their actions are justified and honoring God.  Those who focus on their own position and accomplishments are often blinded by pride.  So blind that the gospel is no longer beautiful saving grace, and those who proclaim it become a threat to their power, position, and influence.  In short, pride distorts our view of everything.