ACTS | We’re Not Enemies

Acts 28 | We’re Not Enemies | Oct. 11, 2015

Acts 28 is Luke’s final account of the ministry of Paul – his epilogue of sorts. It would be a very odd place to end if the book of Acts was about the Apostle Paul.  But, as one theologian put it, “Acts is not an unfinished story. It finishes precisely where the author intended to end and trumpets the victory of Christ and his message right at the close of the book. In the final analysis, Christ, not Paul, is the hero of Acts.” The mission continues far after the man is in the ground. So what are the closing words of Acts? Live in unity with one another, don’t compromise the gospel truth to live at peace, but in as much as is up to you, live at peace. Those who in the natural appear to be enemies, are not. Know our mission, love others, and understand who the enemy is so we can resist his attacks.