The Exodus | Instructions

EXODUS 20:18 – 24:18 | Instructions | April 23, 2017

Due to technical difficulties, the message was not recorded this week.  Following the giving of the ten commandments, God gives the scroll of the covenant – Moses delivers these examples to the people, Moses then promises that God will be with the people; leading them, protecting them, providing for them.

    • “We should be careful to avoid two mistakes with this section: (1) throwing these laws out completely, thinking they have nothing to teach us or (2) urging our city to adopt them as they are. We should see both continuity and discontinuity here. We are not [Israel], so we need to be careful not to make a one-to-one correlation. At the same time, God’s character is revealed in His law, and this makes these laws relevant. We should seek to learn what these laws mean, then make responsible, Christ-centered, new covenant application.”  Merida, Tony (2014-06-01). Exalting Jesus in Exodus (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary) (p. 136).

There is a problem revealed by these laws.  The problem is not with the laws themselves, the problem is with our hearts. Relating to these laws, God’s requirement was PERFECT OBEDIENCE. Neither Israel, nor anyone following, could observe these laws in outward action or inward attitude.  Only Christ observed these laws in perfect righteousness.  He alone has obeyed God’s design in perfect righteousness.  The gospel tells us that Christ offers that righteousness to those who would believe in him and place your trust in him.