Ezra-Nehemiah | Unfinished Disciples

Nehemiah 10-12 | Unfinished Disciples | June 10, 2018

Pastor Nate preaches through Nehemiah chapters 10-12. The covenant renewal has been drafted, the leaders’ sign and the people make every resolve to obey the law according to the renewed covenant. The beautiful picture we see in 9-13 is a precursor to the Christian life minus the most integral¬†component. We have seen the law of God read and taught correctly (8); the people respond with repentance (9); the people resolve to obey the law and renew the covenant (10); the city of Jerusalem is repopulated (11-12); culminating with a massive worship service (12:27-43). And, as we will see next week, the book ends in disobedience. The picture at the end of Nehemiah is a consistent picture throughout the Old Testament; the law is insufficient to save because we are incapable of keeping it. Divine intervention is necessary.


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