ACTS | Gospel-Centered Community

Acts 2:42-47 | Gospel-Centered Community | Nov. 9, 2014

In Acts 2 we see the account of the gospel at work within the early church. The church is the community of all true believers who pursue knowing God intimately and accurately, so that we may proclaim him confidently.  This community went from 120 to over 3,000 in a day, and yet, they continued in unity of mission.  How was this so?  It seems that churches of less than 100 in attendance can pull in a dozen different directions, all of which seem inconsistent with the mission Christ has left the church here to accomplish.  Authentic biblical community was centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel drove the actions of the early church and it shaped their intentions as they were being renewed.  This week, pastor Nate teaches on the results that come from a community that honestly pursues genuine biblical community.