John 21:23-25 | John’s Epilogue | Aug. 11, 2019

The sermon this week at BridgeCity Church, a Church near Mill Creek, WA, reviews the conclusion of John’s gospel account. John brings the attention of his readers back to the glorious and huge God who, similar to his introduction, has done so much more than we can comprehend. God is glorious and worthy of all praise, honor, and glory. To declare all his works is an impossible task, one that the world could not contain. For John, our theology (accurate knowledge of God according to his revealed Word) is intended to fuel our doxology (genuine worship/praise to God-our attention and affections are directed toward him).

  • right Theology leads to genuine doxology
  • Our view of God is too small
  • Our praise of God (including, but not limited to, corporate singing) too infrequent

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