MICAH | Fear

MICAH 6:9-16 | Fear | March 8, 2020

This week’s sermon from Micah chapter 6 reviews the first eight verses where Micah delivers God’s legal indictment against Israel. In the book of Micah we have seen the following:

    1. Micah denounces Israel for turning from covenant faithfulness to disobedience, resulting in corruption within every aspect of society.
      • Corrupt worship: idolatry.
      • Corrupt leadership: under-shepherds growing fat on the flock. Every office: Prophet, Priest, & King have all succumb to corruption (3:11).
      • Corrupt relationship: Societal breakdown: poor exploited, neighbor no longer cared for neighbor, the people were consumed with the desire for personal prosperity.
      • Their attention & affections had turned away from the Lord and turned inward; they were completely self-centered.
    2. LAST WEEK:
      • Micah continued in a similar vein to Chapter 1, Micah declares again the indictment of the LORD against his people for their covenant unfaithfulness.
      • Again Micah uses lawsuit imagery to set up a courtroom scene.
      • God’s charge is not only one of condemnation but is a call to repent and return to the LORD.
      • Return to COVENANT FAITHFULNESS. Return to obedience motivated by a deep devotion to and love for the LORD their God.
      • Micah pleads for the people to REMEMBER God covenant faithfulness, REMEMBER God’s salvation. And Respond rightly
    3. TODAY:
      • Micah declares the impending destruction coming to Jerusalem as a result of their continued, open rebellion against the LORD.
      • The remaining verses in chapter 6 stand as a clear reminder of the destruction that lays ahead of those who continue in willful rebellion against the LORD.
      • Jerusalem, meant to be a city where God’s presence was evident and design displayed through God’s covenant people.
      • As we have seen in the earlier chapters of Micah, we see again today. God’s covenant people had turned away from faithfulness to the LORD resulting in every part of their society and leadership succumbing to corruption: self-centeredness and idolatry.
      • Micah reminds that God desires Love, Not Duty:
      • God desires “that his people love him with all their heart (Deut. 6:5); obey rather than sacrifice (1 Sam. 15:22; Hos. 6:6); fear, serve, obey, and not rebel (Deut. 10:12; 1 Sam. 12:14); and return to God, maintain [covenant] loyalty and justice, & trust in him (Hos. 12:6).
      • This they have not done. They did not fear the Lord, as instructed, but indulged their own self-interests in pursuit of comfort and pleasure. Micah again reminds the end result of following that path is destruction.

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