PHILIPPIANS | Intro Prayer

Philippians 1:1-11 | Intro Prayer | Sept. 15, 2019

This week at BridgeCity Church, a Church near Mill Creek, WA, we continue through Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Paul writes to encourage the church in Philippi to stand fast in the face of suffering, to trust God is at work in and through them, and to spend their time and energy in this life pursuing holiness in Christ.  This Sunday we look at Paul’s greeting and opening prayer for the Philippians.

What is Philippians is about?

  • Humbly pursuing Christian/Church unity
  • Steadfastly holding a Gospel influenced perspective on suffering
  • Trusting in God’s grace and diligently working for God’s Glory
  • Living as the church in a fallen world

Are you looking for a church near Mill Creek, WA?  Join us Sunday at 10AM in the Activity Center at Willis Tucker Park.