Book review on Matt Chandler’s

the Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

This book is a quick and excellent read.  Chandler and Wilson unpack the gospel in order to help equip readers to clearly communicate it to others and apply it to our lives.  Not only is this a great read if you find it difficult to share the gospel, it is also excellent if you find it difficult to apply the gospel to your own life.  If you have no idea what the gospel is, then this is a good book to pick up.  Chandler clearly communicates the premise of the gospel message and articulates some dangers around an improper view of the gospel.  I highly recommend this book to christians and those interested in reading about the basis of Christianity, which is Jesus Christ.

This book, like the gospel itself, is clarifying, convicting, comforting, and compelling all at the same time. I wholeheartedly invite you to read it, to be overwhelmed by the mercy and majesty of God in the gospel, and then to spend your life making this gospel explicit in every facet of your life and to every corner of the earth!
– David Platt, President of the International Mission Board (IMB)

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